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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation in Macon, GA

When Evidence Matters

Eberhardt Consulting Group provides non-traditional CPA accounting services dedicated to the forensic accounting market.

Eberhardt Consulting has consistently assisted law practices with trusted and valued support for nearly all types of law for over ten years.

Our clients benefit from the knowledge essential for investigating and detecting fraud; valuation; auditing; internal controls; risk assessment.

We are an independent consulting firm committed to applying these financial skills to the legal environment, avoiding even perceived conflicts of interest. We are also known for an in-depth understanding of this legal environment which helps us communicate facts concisely and accurately, but also in the simplest of terms.

We are Forensic Accountants:

  • Forensic = Suitable for use in a court of law
  • Forensic Accounting includes investigative accounting & litigation support

Contact us today for Investigative Accounting:

  • Financial Misrepresentation
  • Complex Disputes
  • Research of Marital Assets
  • Fidelity Insurance Claims