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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation in Macon, GA

Forensic Accounting

Accounting and Fraud Investigations - Detective Work

Forensic Accounting includes:

  • Accounting
  • Tax preparation
  • Investigating
  • Auditing

Experience and Training in all categories of accounting with an investigative mentality and professional skepticism will lead to successful forensic accounting.

  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Misappropriation
  • Larceny
  • Pilfer
  • Purloin
  • Borrow
  • Swindle

Businesses across this country have this happen every day. Remember Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, and Adelphia? We provide:

  • Asset and Liability Investigation
  • Verification
  • Recovery

We research transactions and contracts, and review financial documentation

Everyday that goes by after discovery of a fraud, the more evidence and cooperation evaporate. Conspirators are generally more obliging to be cooperative and provide files (paper and computer) immediately after the discovery. When days have passed, files tend to disappear, and conspirators tend to think they can get away with it or rationalize that they deserve what they took.

As forensic accountants, we can bring opinions apart from a legal mind into strategy sessions, offering fresh ideas and thoughts on proceeding. Accounting perspectives often relate to the bottom line.

Forensic accounting is like solving a large jig-saw puzzle, EXCEPT, we have to find the missing pieces.

Forensic examiners do autopsies to determine the cause of death of a person. Forensic accountants do accounting autopsies to determine the cause and amount of economic damages.

We examine a company's (or individual's) set of books, bank statements, cancelled checks and deposits; computer records; emails; minutes; memos; payable (and paid) invoices; and any other financial documents. We trace real estate records, review settlement statements (HUD-1); trace transfers between related banking accounts, and other companies or individuals; seize and/or subpoena missing accounting and business records, bank statements and bank detail documents. We interview related parties and investigate improper accounting acts by employees, from accounting clerks to CEOs.