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When Would You Call A Forensic Accountant?

The development authority of a rural county attempts to relocate a manufacturing company to the authority's industrial park.

They agree to issue municipal bonds to pay for the facility. After the bonds have been issued, the manufacturing company reneges on the deal. The authority pursues another manufacturing company to no avail. The bond funds are issued, but no facility is located in the park. The taxpayers of the area are ultimately responsible to pay off the bonds.

The owner of a telecommunications company puts the stock of the company into a trust for his grandchildren and appoints his personal attorney as trustee.

The profits of the company are to be distributed to the trusts and ultimately the grandchildren. Years after the death of the owner, the grandchildren learn that the trustee is the CEO of the company and is telling everyone in town that he owns the company.

The attorney/trustee appears to be living a newly found lavish lifestyle and suspends payments to the grandchildren. In addition, the attorney/trustee will not produce trust agreements or financial statements for the company.

A taxi company purchases a "livery" insurance policy to cover the liabilities of operating a cab.

One of the drivers has an accident and severely injures the driver of another car. The taxi company contacts the agency who sold them the policy, and they agreed to file a claim for the taxi company. Months later, the taxi company receives a court document notifying them that a judgment has been issued against them for $750,000.

The taxi company contacts the insurance carrier, only to learn there has never been a policy issued for the taxi company, nor have any premiums been remitted to the carrier.

A prosecuting attorney discovers that a local pharmacy is knowingly filling bogus prescriptions that end up on the street for sale.

Also, the pharmacist is selling "broken pills" for cash. The prosecuting attorney needs to remove the pharmacist from the business but continue operating until a criminal trial is held. After the trial (or settlement), the business needs to be sold. The court appoints a Receiver to operate and eventually sell the business.

An absentee owner wants his financial records and transactions to be independently reviewed from time to time on a surprise basis.

He believes his CEO/CFO/COO/Partner may be paying himself more than they had previously agreed upon via credit cards and invoices for other personal expenses.

An elderly lady purchases long term care insurance from a local agency, but discovers she does not have a policy in place when she telephones the carrier to discuss coverage.

The insurance company informs her that a binder was placed for her, but they never received any premiums and they cancelled the policy.

A construction company is released from a contract for no cause.

The company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare to fulfill the contract including turning down other jobs. The construction company had losses from money spent in preparation for the job, AND lost profits the company expected to earn over the length of the project. The company needed to determine the actual losses and lost profits for a civil lawsuit.