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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation in Macon, GA


Valuations regarding economic losses and general business help

Valuations includes:

  • Partnerships, Subsidiaries, Contracts, Franchises, Private Equities
  • Privately Held Businesses
  • Business Expansion, Succession Planning, Exit Strategies
  • Lost Profit Analysis

Valuations related to compensation formulas for contracts or employees (usually based on performance) and lost profit calculations due to breach of contract. Eberhardt Consulting Group also provides asset and liability verification as well as valuation of eminent domain property, economic losses, and lost income.


Follow the valuation guidelines adopted by the AICPA and BVA.


  • Interim CFO or COO: In-charge of finances for business continuation, guide in-place personnel, report to the board treasurer, assist management functions, and management decisions
  • COO (chief operating officer) the senior manager: Managing day-to-day operations to report to CEO
  • CFO (chief financial officer) the senior accountant: Reviewing financial data and preparing financial reports, financial planning, and record-keeping