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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation in Macon, GA

Crisis Management and Emotional Reactions

Crisis Management

When time is of the essence, and reaction time needs to be quick and responsive, you don't need to scramble to find a CPA specialist.

Our ability to respond immediately to your crisis situation is a benefit to you because we:

  • Sooth, alleviate, & ease your worries and concerns
  • Preserve the evidence and trace the assets
  • Open the door for early cooperation
  • Restore your business to normal operations more quickly
  • Mitigate, diminish, & lighten possible damages

We are a first responder to accounting emergencies.

Emotional Reactions

We recognize the emotional side of a dispute related to finances. We sift through the emotions to find factual, objective, quantifiable evidence.

A victim's (or adversary's) conclusion of what they have lost, and the measurement of what actually has been lost, is usually very different. Most cases have two different sides to them: An Emotional perspective and a Factual perspective.

We investigate, and review financial statements, etc., and present objective, quantified evidence.

  • The emotional side: Subjective and biased evidence (testimony) using estimates and guesses. To qualify: describe the character of someone or prove him/her capable
  • The factual side: Objective and unbiased. To quantify: measure a quantity of